Can we read outside every day?

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On the bright side: look what was waiting for me on the kitchen table.
They’re finally here, they are gorgeous, and with such a nice bookmark, too. Already had a place sorted out for them, am so glad to finally have my own copies!

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“I’m so sorry,” Tessa whispered. “About Nate. It’s my fault he’s dead.”

“Hush,” her aunt said. “It isn’t your fault. It is his and mine. I always felt such guilt, you see, Tessa. Knowing I was his mother but not being able to bear telling him. I let him get away with anything he wanted, until he was spoiled beyond saving. If I had told him that I was really his mother, he would not have felt so betrayed when he discovered the truth, and would not have turned against us. Lies and secrets, Tessa, they are like a cancer in the soul. They eat away what is good and leave only destruction behind.

“I miss you so much,” Tessa said. “I have no family now… .”

Her aunt leaned forward to kiss her on the forehead. “You have more family than you think.”

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the books i took home the other day

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Fiona Hsieh

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Little (note)book haul :)

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" I will call in every favor, every debt owed to Celaena Sardothien, to my parents, to my bloodline. And then … " She looked toward the sea, toward home. " A n d t h e n I a m g o i n g t o r a t t l e t h e s t a r s . "

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friendlythestral requested - gifset of hogwarts classes

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Adam looked up at Ronan. “I know it was you,” he said. “I figured it out. The rent.”

He held Ronan’s gaze for just a moment longer, until something inside Ronan unwound and he almost said something.

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